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Find all the episodes recapped for Season 1 with a video preview first.

The show starts out being very funny and none of the episodes disappoint.

Episode - Pilot

Michael calls Jim into his office and goes over his quarterly progress. Jim is doing fine but hasn't closed one particular deal yet. Michael takes this opportunity to call the client and make the sale. Thus showing Jim "how it is done". However Michael mistakes the person he is talking to as a man when in fact he was talking to a woman.

Right away you notice that the show is actually be taped by a film crew. The documentarians want to show what life is like in the modern workplace.

Michael takes the crew around and shows us the layout of the office and introduces the staff.

The camera then pans over to Dwight. He is setting up for the day. He unlocks his desk, takes his phone receiver out of one of the drawers and plugs it into his phone base...while singing.

Jan comes in to speak to Michael about downsizing. Corporate must decide whether they are closing the Scranton branch (Michael's branch) or the Stanford Branch.

During the meeting with Jan, Todd Packer calls. Michael stupidly puts him on speaker phone. And Todd makes some pretty crude remarks about Jan. Michael hangs up on him.

No one in the office is to know about the downsizing, but immediately everyone does and the staff begins to update their resumes and plan for their futures.

Ryan, the temp, shows up for his first day on the job. Michael gets all excited and wants to show Ryan what a great boss he is. He does a Three Stooges impression into a pretty bad Hitler impersonation.

Jim is on the phone with a client when Dwight starts pushing all Jim;s papers back. Apparently, Jim's paper piles had crossed the desk line onto Dwight's. Dwight has one word for Jim...demarcation.

The very next picture shows Jim putting pencils in the cracks between the 2 desks as a fence (Eraser side down). He also has pencils (acting like spikes) attached to the phone and other office supplies facing outward toward Dwight. When Dwight comes back to his desk and see's Jim fortress, he lets Jim know he is in violation of saftey codes. Dwight could fall on one of his pencils and pierce an organ. Jim doesn't seem to care.

As Dwight is pushing out all of the pencils with his phone, Jim let's the downsizing rumor out of the bag. The news puts Dwight into a tailspin. He has been trying to get the office downsized for awhile.

Michael calls a meeting in the conference room to talk about the rumors of downsizing. Michael assures the group that their branch will not be dissolved.

Michael is introducing Ryan to Dwight. Dwight tells Ryan he bought a 1978 280Z for $1,200. He's restored it and now it's worth $3,000. He goes into his desk drawer to pull out picures to show Ryan when all of a sudden he starts freaking out and yelling Jim's name. Jim has encased Dwight's stapler in a jello-mold.

Dwight goes to get the stapler out of the mold and Michael tells him he has to eat it out.

Jim is talking to Pam about going out and having drinks...end of the quarter drinks...with everyone. He secretly just wants to see her outside of work. That's obvious from the beginning.

Pam agrees and the two are making plans just as Roy enters the office. Roy is Pam's fiancee and he works in the Dunder-Mifflin Warehouse downstairs. They've been engaged for 3 years. Pam asks Roy if he minds if she goes to have drinks with the gang. Roy says no they should just go home.

Pam leaves to do her faxes and Jim tries to convince Roy to come out and have drinks. Roy is not persuaded.

Michael tries to "punk" Pam by telling her the she is fired for stealing post-it notes. Pam is stunned. Michael is pretty good actor in prank. He also tells her she will get no severance and to leave immediately. Pam starts to cry and Michael tells her she's been punk'd. Now Pam is pissed and tells Michael he is a jerk, storms out and slams the door.

Because Michael got such a kick out of Jim putting Dwight's stapler in jell-o, Jim put Michael's "World's Best Boss" mug in jell-o and leaves it on his desk for him to discover.

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