To: All Dunder Mifflin Employees - Scranton Branch

RE: This site hasn't been updated in ages

As you may or may not know, Stanley hasn't been keeping up with the minutes from our weekly meetings. Michael previously verbally reprimanded him (which to be honest, didn't go very well) but he has assured us that things are going to be updated soon.

We've hired a temp to help him and she already has a huge number of summaries written up which just need to be added onto the site (three new ones were added just recently) .

While you wait, feel free to check out some of the information he has already posted (listed below).

Videos Trivia Summaries

Thanks everyone... and keep up the great work!

Deangelo Vickers

Quote of the Week

From Season 4, Episode 1 - Fun Run
Where are we?
I dunno. Like five kilometers from the office.
He couldn't have made it a circle?

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Office Prank of the Week

Jim gets a hold of Andy's cell phone and while Pam is playing "look out", Jim climbs up and opens one of the ceiling tiles. Then he throws the phone in the ceiling above Andy's desk. Now, Jim and Pam just keep calling the number watching Andy get more and more upset. When Andy puts his fist through the wall, Jim is worried and hangs the phone up.

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Videos of the Office

I have complied some really great videos. Some are all about the romance between Pam and Jim or Dwight and Angela or Michael and Ryan? There are also funny clips of our favorite rivals Jim and Dwight and Michel and Toby.

Web Episodes

The Office: The Accountants

All the webisodes are on If you would like to further enjoy all 10 transcripts, I have them here.

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